Emma Baus

Animal democracy – The Chief consults

Documentary 52′, 4K, 2021

Written and directed by Emma Baus, co-written by Estelle Raffin
Production: Cocottes Minute Productions
Distribution: Terranoa
Broadcaster: Arte GEIE

Storyline: What if the Greeks didn’t invent democracy ?
Many animals live in groups, but as they evolve, who lead the direction? Who decides where to lay the nest? Who decides whether to continue the hunt or to stop it? Filmed in Africa, and France, within sumptuous animal reserves, “Animal Democracy” presents the behaviour of species that offer each individual the opportunity to express themselves for the good of their community. Revelations about these animal species that make decisions collectively.

Episode 2 – The People rule
The majority is a more effective guarantee of survival than all tyrannies. Journey to meet the European animals in which the people rule by vote. Species made up of tens, hundreds or even thousands of individuals take their decisions democratically without following a leader. Bison, bees, deer and starlings decide together what to do and where to go. Immersion in these animals that put the group first.