Emma Baus

Ancient Earth,
The mystery of the feathered dragon

Documentary 52′, 4K, 2016

Written and directed by Emma Baus and Bertrand Loyer
Production: Saint-Thomas Production
Distribution: ZED
Broadcasters: Arte, Ushuaia TV, NHK, UKTV, Discovery EMEA, Curiosity Stream, …

Storyline: The world of palaeontology is currently experiencing a golden age: more fossil species have been unearthed in the past decade than in the two hundred years since this science first emerged. Now, palaeontologists can finally answer the question: where do birds come from?
With photo-realistic Computer Graphic Images and interviews with some of the world’s leading palaeontologists, this documentary film presents the latest scientific theories on how and why dinosaurs became feathered – and how they ultimately evolved into the birds we see today.

Ratings: Almost twice the normal audience share in France. In Japan and Italy, this figure climbed to 2,5 time the audience.
Award: Innovation Pariscience 2017