Emma Baus

The Racoon, a talent for survival

Documentary 52′, 4K, 2021

Written and directed by Emma Baus
Production: Nord-Ouest Documentaires

Distribution: ZED
Broadcaster: France 5

Storyline: At a time when many of Earth’s plant and animal species are endangered, others are thriving in surprising and unforeseen ways. The racoon is one such animal; hiding an unparalleled survival instinct behind its cuddly appearance and capable of anything to feed and defend itself.

This film will follow the rearing of a litter of racoons on a rugged Georgia coastal island, not far from Florida. We will chronicle the various and eventful stages of the racoon’s learning process, from birth to maturity. It’s a unique opportunity to see “from the inside” just what makes this creature so amazing at adapting to its environment.